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Leaving a Lasting Legacy to Science

NovaShare is a curated body donation to science program, delivering state-of-the-art medical research and a complimentary cremation - at absolutely no cost to the donor's family.

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NovaShare is your resource for body donation to science program information, medical training and education, and more. 


Donation to Science Program

NovaShare’s Body Donation Program delivers an end-to-end experience, providing donated tissue to medical and educational organizations to conduct training, research, and education - while offering a creation at no cost to the donor’s family. 


Transportation from Hospital

Donation to Science


Complimentary Cremation


Donor’s families are given the opportunity to collect the cremated remains, or our team is honored to scatter ashes at our memorial reef in the Atlantic Ocean. In most cases, cremated remains are returned to the donor's family within six months.

Body Donation
Your Gift to the Future

Impact on Science

When it comes to medical research and advancements in science, the need for anatomical donations is paramount. Donations provide a superior method of learning and research, in comparison to textbooks, plastic models, and computer simulations. Your contribution helps provide premier training and confidence from medical students to front-line heroes, such as paramedics, firefighters, nurses, trauma surgeons, and more. 


Since inception, NovaShare and your family have offered the gift of providing real-life emergency trauma training, offered nowhere else in the United States.


NovaShare also proudly assists in the development and design of new and improved medical devices, saving countless lives.

Share your Legacy to Science

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