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What We Offer

NovaShare is able to offer cremation at no cost to your family.


The NovaShare Body Donor Program provides donated tissue for use in training, research and education.

NovaShare will provide transportation from the hospital and handle the cremation process. 


Your family has the option of having the cremated remains returned to you or we would be honored to scatter at our memorial reef in the Atlantic Ocean on your family's behalf.  In most cases, we can have the cremated remains returned to your family within 6 months.

What We Do

We recognized the need for emergency medical workers to receive better training with practical life saving skills. 


Currently, your local first responders practice and get certified with plastic models and pictures.


Over the last two years, NovaShare and your family has offered the gift of providing real life emergency trauma training, offered nowhere else in the United States.


We acknowledge the need for medical students to learn anatomy.  However, we feel the need to teach our frontline Heroes, Paramedics, Firemen, Nurses and Trauma surgeons.   

We also assist companies develop and design new and improved medical devices that will save lives.

The idea is not to live forever...

But maybe to help another live

a little longer...

Whispering to Granddad
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